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Official Pest Prevention Inc. was born January 1, 2000 when the tech bubble was about to burst and people were still concerned about potential Y2K problems. Starting with a few contacts, and only four full-time employees, the small company has grown into an organization that today employs over 100 people, maintains a fleet of 75 trucks, and has serviced over 100,000 northern California households. This tremendous growth has come from loyal customers recommending our work to their friends, family, and neighbors. We’re proud to serve Tracy with our quality pest control services.

About Tracy, CA & Our Pest Control Services

When you hire Official Pest Prevention, you are guaranteed our tested three-point pest control process in Tracy and the surrounding areas. First, we will conduct a thorough investigation, identifying any and all pests on your property and determining the full extent of your problem. Next, we will come up with a customized plan to get rid of any invading vermin, presenting spraying, bait, trapping, extermination, and removal options, depending on the type of species we’re dealing with and how bad the infestation is. Finally, we will implement prevention methods to ensure infestations do not reoccur in the future, including sealing cracks and crevices to keep animals and bugs out and even installing spikes if necessary to get rid of birds. Remember, we’re called Official Pest Prevention for a reason; we do everything in our power to keep pests away for now and forever.

Our services include:

Bed Bug Pest Control in Tracy, CA

Bedbugs hide in:

  • Beds
  • Rugs
  • Bedsheets
  • Clothing
  • Underneath wallpaper
  • Under towels
  • Between drape folds
  • Behind wall decors
  • Behind wooden furnishings

Additionally, they are now living in couches and can be transferred from property to property through used furniture. Domestic animals like dogs and cats have thick fur, which makes for a fantastic hiding location for bedbugs. Using public transportation like buses, rails, and cabs can bring you into contact with bed bugs, which you then take to your home. Bedbugs are six legged parasitic pests that suck human and animal blood. Their length is around 1/4 of an inch with an oval flat shape. A normal female can lay 5 to 7 eggs a week and will produce around 500 eggs throughout its lifespan of 12 months to 75 months. The eggs will hatch-out within just 6 to 17 days when they become known as nymphs. Bed Bug eggs are resistant to pesticides or herbicides.

They like to attack in the evening and will stay busy until just before dawn. Bedbugs bite a person’s exposed skin while sleeping on an infested bed, leaving reddish itchy spots. They don’t leave the resting and relaxing area, although they can go more than 100 feet at night to seek for food. Bed bugs were once eradicated in the United States, but they are again making a comeback thanks to overseas tourists. Motels and condominium buildings are the most popular venues to locate them. These bugs can last an entire year without eating. This allows them to travel from one site to another until they find a comfortable place with food. They hide on passengers’ clothes and bags.

Termite Treatment in Tracy, CA

Wood-eating termites feed on decaying plants, trees, and bushes in the soil. A typical subterranean termite colony may devour up to 16 grams of wood every day. This equates to around 13 pounds of wood each year. Although subterranean termite employees are only 1 centimeter to a few millimeters in size, their feeding habits are adept at causing significant property damage. Termites feed on house foundations, furniture, cabinets, and even magazines. Subterranean termite houses are often created underground. Termites build sophisticated tunnel systems in these heaps and then utilize earth tunnels to seek above ground wood supplies. Drywood termites live within the hardwood that they devour, as well as infesting walls and furniture.


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