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Official Pest Prevention Inc. was born January 1, 2000 when the tech bubble was about to burst and people were still concerned about potential Y2K problems. Starting with a few contacts, and only four full-time employees, the small company has grown into an organization that today employs over 100 people, maintains a fleet of 75 trucks, and has serviced over 100,000 northern California households. This tremendous growth has come from loyal customers recommending our work to their friends, family, and neighbors. We’re proud to serve Turlock with our quality pest control services.

About Turlock, CA & Our Pest Control Services

Turlock was founded on December 22, 1871. Construction of the Central Pacific Railroad at that time had reached a station named after Turlough in County Mayo, Ireland. Thus, the new railroad town was named Turlock. While it grew to be a relatively prosperous and busy hub of activity throughout the end of the 19th century, it was not incorporated as a city until February 15, 1908. By that time intensive agricultural development surrounded most of the city (agriculture remains a major economic force in the region in current times).

Our services include:

Bed Bug Pest Control in Turlock, CA

Bedbugs hide in:

  • Beds
  • Rugs
  • Bedsheets
  • Clothing
  • Underneath wallpaper
  • Under towels
  • Between drape folds
  • Behind wall decors
  • Behind wooden furnishings

Attacks usually take place in the evening, and they will stay busy until just before dawn. The bite of a bedbug leaves reddish itchy spots on a person’s exposed skin while they sleep on an infested bed. Even at night, they can go more than 100 feet to find food, but they don’t leave their resting and relaxing area. The United States once had no bed bugs, but they are again on the rise due to overseas tourists. Most often, they are found in hotels and condominium buildings. They can live for up to a year without eating. They can travel from one site to another until they find a comfortable place with food. They hide in passenger luggage and clothes.

Termite Treatment in Turlock, CA

Wood eating termites feast upon decomposed vegetation and trees and shrubs within the dirt. A wood eating termite’s jaws are capable of tearing pieces of cellulose substance. This capacity is the thing that will cause worry in our dwellings. A normal nest of underground termites may well consume 16 grams of wood on a daily basis. This is about 13 lbs. of wood annually. Subterranean termite laborers only measure from 1 cm to a few millimeters in size, their particular eating routine is effective at producing costly property damage. House footings, furnishings, cabinets, and even magazines are eating areas for termites. Subterranean termite homes are generally formed in the earth. In these piles, termites construct elaborate tunnel systems and then use dirt tunnels in which they will access above ground wood resources. Drywood termites dwell within the hardwood that they consume as well as moving into and infesting walls and home furniture. Termites are typically referred to as silent destroyers, as they will often be hiding at home or in your lawn without any indication of damage.

Ant Pest Control in Turlock, CA

There are around 270 different types of ants in California. Ants are more prone to infiltrate homes during cold, wet conditions, such as the winter, when they are looking for a warm place to dwell. The Argentine ant is a widespread intruder in Northern California. Argentine Ants may be found in cities because they have a constant source of water. Argentine ant colonies are generally made up of 300 queens and 1,000 workers. When a threat is sensed, they do not create a permanent home and instead relocate to a different region.

Carpenter ants are a large species that may be found all throughout Northern California. They chew through wood in the same way as termites do, but instead of consuming it, they utilize it to gain entrance to your home and create their nests. Carpenter ants can enter your house through decaying or damp firewood, which is excellent for breeding. Carpenter ants are capable of biting people owing to their size. Carpenter ants are so hostile that if they suspect termites are causing structural damage, they will fight them. Carpenter ants may cause major structural damage to a structure if left untreated, putting the people who reside there in danger.

Pest Control Strategies for Turlock, CA

Turlock, CA, with its agricultural fields and residential areas, is prone to typical domestic and agricultural pests like ants, beetles, and rodents. Our pest control services in Turlock are designed to protect homes and farms from these and other pests through comprehensive strategies. We employ integrated pest management techniques to ensure effective and long-lasting pest control.

Looking for pest control solutions near Turlock?

Looking for pest management nearby? In Fairfield, CA, our pest control solutions handle infestations common in suburban and agricultural environments, providing thorough control. Hughson, CA benefits from our specialized strategies for managing pests in both residential and farming areas. Additionally, Dinuba, CA receives our services to handle pests in its agricultural and residential landscapes.

Our expertise in pest management is built up over years of experience and our services are designed to protect and maintain the quality of life in all the communities we serve.
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