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Facing pests at home? Let Official Pest Prevention Inc. bring back your peace of mind. With a quick call, we’re on our way to making your home pest-free. Trust us, your neighbors do.

Why Choose Official Pest Prevention?

  • Local Expertise: Specialists in South Sacramento’s unique ecosystem.
  • Comprehensive Services: From insects to wildlife, your home is protected.
  • Proven Track Record: Serving Northern California with over 100,000 happy customers.
  • Customized Preventative Solutions: Tailored treatments for every pest challenge.

From our humble beginnings on January 1, 2000, with just four employees, Official Pest Prevention Inc. has grown into a leading pest control provider, employing over 100 professionals and servicing more than 100,000 households. Our loyal customers have fueled our growth by recommending us to their friends and family, thanks to our commitment to quality service and effective solutions.

We understand the challenges pests can pose and are dedicated to providing our community with state-of-the-art, reliable, long-lasting, preventative pest control in South Sacramento.

Our Pest Control Services in South Sacramento, CA

Sacramento enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers, averaging 61°F year-round. Located in the flat Sacramento Valley, our diverse environment makes us face various pest issues all year. But no matter the pest problem, Official Pest Prevention Inc. is here to help.

Our services include:

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At Official Pest Prevention, we’re more than a pest control company; we’re part of your community. We pride ourselves on offering reliable, effective pest control solutions tailored to the unique needs of South Sacramento residents. With a focus on rapid response, customer satisfaction, and sustainable, preventative practices, we’re here to ensure your home stays pest-free.

Ready to reclaim your peace of mind? Contact Official Pest Prevention today and let us take care of the rest.

Special Focus: Pest Challenges in South Sacramento, CA

Commonly found pests in the Sacramento area

Sacramento has a Mediterranean climate, with an average yearly temperature of around 61°. This means damp, mild winters and warm, dry summers. The terrain of the Sacramento Valley is primarily flat grasslands that become lusher as we move east from the Coast Ranges toward the Sierra. Because of this, as Sacramento residents, we have to deal with a lot of pest problems throughout the entire year.

Ant control in Sacramento: A Common Nuisance

With over 270 species in California, ants are a frequent issue in Sacramento homes. Whether it’s Argentine ants in your kitchen or carpenter ants compromising your home’s structure, our targeted treatments eradicate ants effectively.

Termite Treatment in South Sacramento, CA

Another pest encountered surprisingly often in the Sacramento area, termites silently damage homes by consuming wood, often unnoticed until significant damage occurs. Our comprehensive termite treatments protect your home from these hidden threats, preserving your peace of mind and home integrity.

Wood eating termites feast upon decomposed vegetation and trees and shrubs within the dirt. A wood eating termite’s jaws are capable of tearing pieces of cellulose substance. This capacity is the thing that will cause worry in our dwellings. A normal nest of underground termites may well consume 16 grams of wood on a daily basis. This is about 13 lbs. of wood annually. Subterranean termite laborers only measure from 1 cm to a few millimeters in size, their particular eating routine is effective at producing costly property damage. House footings, furnishings, cabinets, and even magazines are eating areas for termites. Subterranean termite homes are generally formed in the earth. In these piles, termites construct elaborate tunnel systems and then use dirt tunnels in which they will access above ground wood resources. Drywood termites dwell within the hardwood that they consume as well as moving into and infesting walls and home furniture. Termites are typically referred to as silent destroyers, as they will often be hiding at home or in your lawn without any indication of damage.

Cockroaches in South Sacramento: Unwanted Invaders

Encountering cockroaches can be distressing. These resilient pests seek shelter in warm, hidden areas of your home. Cockroaches are one of the more common pests in California. Our proven strategies not only remove current infestations but also prevent future occurrences.

Sacramento Rodents: Health Hazard Guests

Roof rats and field mice are relatively common in and around Sacramento, pose significant health risks, and can cause property damage. Our rodent control services include effective trapping and exclusion techniques to keep your home rodent-free.

Bedbugs Control in South Sacramento: Discreet and Effective Removal

Regardless of cleanliness, bedbugs can infest any home, hiding in places like mattress seams and bed frames. Our discreet bedbug treatments ensure these pests are thoroughly eliminated, allowing you to sleep soundly.

Bedbugs hide in:

  • Beds
  • Rugs
  • Bedsheets
  • Clothing
  • Underneath wallpaper
  • Under towels
  • Between drape folds
  • Behind wall decors
  • Behind wooden furnishings

They like to attack in the evening and will stay busy until just before dawn. Bedbugs bite a person’s exposed skin while sleeping on an infested bed, leaving reddish itchy spots. They don’t leave the resting and relaxing area, although they can go more than 100 feet at night to seek for food. Bed bugs were once eradicated in the United States, but they are again making a comeback thanks to overseas tourists. Motels and condominium buildings are the most popular venues to locate them. These bugs can last an entire year without eating. This allows them to travel from one site to another until they find a comfortable place with food. They hide on passengers’ clothes and bags.

Fleas, Wasps, and Spiders: Protect Your Family

From fleas that can infest pets and homes to wasps that threaten with painful stings, to the dangerous, venomous black widow – our pest control services extend to a variety of common pests, including spiders, ensuring your family’s safety and comfort.

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Choosing Official Pest Prevention means partnering with a team that values your safety and comfort above all. We’re not just pest control experts; we’re your allies in maintaining a healthy, pest-free home.

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