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PEST CONTROL in Stockton, California

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Official Pest Prevention Inc. was born January 1, 2000 when the tech bubble was about to burst and people were still concerned about potential Y2K problems. Starting with a few contacts, and only four full-time employees, the small company has grown into an organization that today employs over 100 people, maintains a fleet of 75 trucks, and has serviced over 100,000 northern California households. This tremendous growth has come from loyal customers recommending our work to their friends, family, and neighbors. We’re proud to serve Stockton with our quality pest control services.

About Stockton, CA & Our Pest Control Services

Stockton is a city on the San Joaquin River, in California’s Central Valley. The Haggin Museum features fine art and local history displays. Oak Grove Regional Park has trails, a nature center and a lake stocked with catfish. In nearby Lodi, Micke Grove Regional Park includes a Japanese garden, the San Joaquin County Historical Museum and Micke Grove Zoo. The Children’s Museum of Stockton offers hands-on exhibits. 

Our services include:

Bed Bug Pest Control in Stockton, CA

Bedbugs hide in:

  • Beds
  • Rugs
  • Bedsheets
  • Clothing
  • Underneath wallpaper
  • Under towels
  • Between drape folds
  • Behind wall decors
  • Behind wooden furnishings

Bedbugs like to strike in the evening and will remain active until just before morning. While lying on an infested bed, bedbugs bite a person’s exposed skin, creating crimson itchy marks. Bed bugs were previously thought to be extinct in the United States, but they’re making a comeback thanks to overseas travelers. The most common places to find them are motels and condominium developments. These bugs may live for a year without eating. This enables them to go from one location to another until they discover a comfy location with food.

Also, they are now residing in couches and may be transferred from house to house utilizing used furniture. Domestic animals with thick hair, such as dogs and cats, provide a great hiding area for bedbugs. Taking public transit, such as buses, trains, and taxis may expose you to bed bugs, which you may then bring home with you. Bedbugs are six-legged parasitic parasites that feed on human and animal blood. They are about a quarter of an inch long and have an oval flat shape. A typical female will lay 5 to 7 eggs each week and produce around 500 eggs throughout the length of her life, which can range from 12 to 75 months. Between 6 and 17 days after being deposited, the eggs mature into nymphs. Pesticides and herbicides have no impact on bed bug eggs.

Termites Pest Control in Stockton, CA

Wood-eating termites feed in the soil on decaying plants, trees, and shrubs. A wood-eating termite’s jaws are capable of tearing cellulose material. This capability is what will cause us to be concerned in our own homes. Every day, a normal subterranean termite colony may consume up to 16 grams of wood. This corresponds to around 13 pounds of wood each year. Although subterranean termite workers are just a few millimeters in length, their eating habits are capable of inflicting major property damage. Termites eat the foundations of houses, furniture, cabinets, and even magazines. Subterranean termite dwellings are frequently built underground. In these piles, termites construct complicated tunnel networks and then use earth tunnels to access above-ground wood supply. Drywood termites live within the hardwood they eat and infest walls and furniture. Termites are commonly referred to as “silent destroyers” since they might be found hiding in the home or your yard with no visible signs.

Ant Pest Control in Stockton, CA

There are around 270 distinct kinds of ants in California. Ants are more prone to infiltrate homes in cold, damp weather, such as the winter, when they are seeking for a warm place to stay. In Northern California, Argentine ants are one of the most common invaders. The ratio of 300 queens to 1,000 worker ants is not unusual in Argentine Ant colonies. They don’t make a permanent home and instead relocate when a threat is detected. Argentine Ants are known to live in cities because they have a constant supply of water.

Carpenter ants are one of the more large species found in Northern California. They have the same ability to chew through wood like termites, but instead of utilizing it for sustenance, they utilize it to gain access to your property and create their nests. Carpenter ants are so aggressive that they would fight termites to cause structural damage. Carpenter ants can get into your house through firewood since rotten or wet wood is perfect for breeding. Carpenter Ants are capable of biting people due to their size. Carpenter Ants may cause serious structural damage to a building’s structural strength if not dealt with quickly, putting the people who live there at risk.

Pest Control Strategies for Stockton, CA

Stockton’s unique blend of waterways and agricultural areas presents distinct pest control challenges, from aquatic rodents that thrive along the water edges to common household pests that invade residences. Our Stockton pest control solutions are designed with these challenges in mind, offering residents peace of mind through innovative and effective pest management strategies tailored to Stockton’s unique landscape.

Are you looking for pest control solutions, but you live near, not in Stockton?

As Official Pest Prevention extends its expertise beyond Stockton, we also cater to surrounding communities with the same commitment to localized and effective solutions. With our pest control services in Modesto, CA, we apply our in-depth understanding of the local agricultural influences on pest populations to develop specialized strategies that protect both homes and farmlands. Our pest control services in Fairfield, CA, are adapted to address the unique suburban and rural pest challenges of the area, ensuring comprehensive management across different environments.

The presence we have as Official Pest Prevention in Elk Grove, CA, reinforces our capability to deliver consistent and high-quality pest control services across the region. By aligning our strategies in Modesto, Fairfield, and Elk Grove with our Stockton operations, Official Pest Prevention ensures an area-specific approach to pest management that respects the diverse ecosystems and community needs of each location. This commitment not only protects properties but also enhances the quality of life for the communities we serve.

Official Pest Prevention offers services across the entirety of California – review our services in your area here.


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