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There is a troublesome ant invading Bay Area homes like never before. As the drought leaves little vegetation and water in California, the ants are entering homes in search for sustenance. The worker ants can squeeze through an opening of 1 millimeter with ease. They enter through walls, floors and plumbing pipes and can be found crawling anywhere imaginable. Complaints to the Alameda County Vector Control Service has poured in concering the Argentine ant which is said to be the most invasive ant on the plant. With thousands of ants in a row they can travel over 200 feet from their nest to the food source. The persistent ants feed on sweets, fruits, dairy products, meat and vegetable oils. They also feed on garbage, dead animals and sewage that carry germs. If you need help help eliminating these annoying ants from your home, contact Official Pest Control. We have experience and will not stop until we have achieved complete control.

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