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High-Quality Pest Control Services in Sacramento Since 2000

Our company name describes our philosophy: Official Pest Prevention. It’s not enough to just control or manage pests. We want to prevent them from returning. We start by eradicating pests inside your property, then move outward until we’ve serviced right up to the fence line. We establish a perimeter around your property that becomes and stays pest-free. Why have pests at all when you can be pest-free?

At Official Pest Prevention Inc., our team believes in doing things the right way. When you choose our service, you can count on quality work from people who care about you and your family. With more than 20 years of experience and work in numerous cities across Northern California and the Central Valley, including Fresno and Sacramento, we have the track record to prove our success as a company. Whether you have spiders or termites, our technicians are available to take care of your problems as soon as you call.

Official Pest Prevention is a family-owned, licensed pest control company celebrating 20 years of serving over 100,000 satisfied customers throughout Northern and Central California. ​​​​​​ Starting with a few contacts, and only four full-time employees, our small company has grown into an organization that today employs over 100 people, maintains a fleet of 75 vehicles, and has serviced over 100,000 Northern California households. This tremendous growth has come from loyal customers, who have recommended our work to their friends, family, and neighbors.

Although Official Pest Prevention opened in Elk Grove, demand for quality pest control service soon poured in from nearby cities. Representatives of Official Pest Prevention began taking calls from surrounding areas, and within a year we found ourselves greatly expanding our service territory. By the end of 2000, Official had begun servicing an area that took within a 60-mile radius. So whether you live in Elk Grove, Fresno, Sacramento, or the surrounding areas, you can always rely on Official Pest Prevention for all your pest control needs.


We’re here to help with your pest control needs:

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