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Spring and milder temperatures are finally making an appearance. With the warmer weather comes an increase in the number of bugs attacking your home. The garage is a perfect refuge for pests seeking shelter from the elements. If you’re wondering how to keep insects and bugs out of your garage, you have a few options. The easiest approach to keep pests at bay is to keep your garage clean and clear of tempting items like food, water, and nesting areas. Here are some tips to keep pests out of your garage this Spring and Summer.


Garage Pest Prevention

  • Keep your garage tidy and clean by decluttering it. When your garage isn’t a shambles, bug infestations can be easily identified. To prevent pests and bugs from nesting in your garage, use long-lasting storage bins or other containers. Before storing your items and storage containers, inspect them for pests.
  • Reduce Moisture. Bugs require water to survive. Don’t let your garage serve as a breeding ground for harmful bugs. Look for any leaky pipes, standing water, or dampness in your garage. If you discover that your garage is damp, invest in a dehumidifier.
  • Pests, like water, will swarm your garage in quest of food. Don’t let your garage become a breeding place for rodents! Immediately sweep up any crumbs. Invest in tight-fitting trash cans and make sure to tie up all used rubbish bags.
  • Seal up crevices around your windows, doors, and garage door to keep pests out of your garage. For this project, you can use silicone caulk, weatherstrips, and rubber seals. A pest can go through cracks if you can see light streaming through them. All potential pest entry points should be sealed.


Common Spring Time Pests

  • Crickets – In the spring and summer, crickets are attracted to a cool, shaded garage. Because of their nature. They can reach the tallest storage containers.
  • Silverfish – These little bugs are extremely adaptable. They can readily get through minor holes and beneath doors. These pests are easily attracted by food and lose litter, as they nibble on everything from meat to linen.
  • Sowbugs – Because they are unable to hold moisture in their bodies, sowbugs are drawn to cool, damp, and wet environments. To keep an infestation at bay, remove any water and moisture.
  • Mice — During the colder months, these tiny rodents generally nest in boxes and wall gaps. Throughout the Spring and Summer, they can multiply and infest your garage. This could endanger your property.
  • Spiders – These are among the most frequent pests. A garage is a perfect home for spiders. Spiders might feed on other pests that make their way in. It’s critical to get rid of spider webs as soon as you notice them.
  • Flies – Flies are drawn to pungent odors. The easiest approach to avoid a fly infestation is to keep your garage clean and clear of strong odors and meals. Remove all food and water from the containers and close all lids.


Contact Official Pest Prevention Right Away!

Our exterminators are trained to solve all of your residential pest problems and concerns. They are skilled, professional, and ethical. Our courteous service and thorough pest treatments demonstrate that client satisfaction is critical to our business. We concentrate on treating the bugs outside of your home and preventing them from getting inside, lowering the number of treatments required within your home. We provide ongoing training to all of our residential pest professionals to guarantee that they consistently meet industry standards. Call us today for assistance!


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