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A mattress encasement designed to protect you from bed bugs completely encases the mattress in a zipped barrier, effectively sealing it off from tiny invaders.

An encasement not only prevents bugs from getting in your bed, but it also traps the bugs already inside your bed, cutting them off from their favorite food source: You! With no way out, bed bugs will eventually starve to death.

Not just any bed bug mattress cover will do the job. There is a dizzying variety on the market. Choose wisely to get a good night’s rest. Here’s how:

Look for a 100% Waterproof Cover

Bed bugs are a bloody mess. Not only can their bites cause you to bleed, but you can rollover the little pests in your sleep, crushing them under your weight. Those little drops of blood could either be yours or theirs. A waterproof cover will prevent blood from seeping into the mattress.

Reduce Noise

You don’t want the sound of crinkling plastic disrupting your sleep every time you turn over. Some mattress covers feature a noise-free material such as premium terry cotton that’s also washable.

Consider Breathability

Find a mattress cover that’s breathable, allowing for the free flow of air. Breathable fabrics include polyester and cotton-polyester blend.

Protect More Than Your Mattress

Bed bugs take up residence inside your pillow and box spring, too. Encasements come in a variety of sizes to fit the dimensions of your box spring. And protective pillow covers will keep bugs out of your hair.

Keep the Cover On

Bed bugs can live an impressively long time without food, so be sure not to remove your mattress cover for at least 18 months. Keeping them contained is key to preventing them from spreading to other parts of the home. If you have to transfer it to another bed, wash it in 140-degree water first to rid it of any bugs and eggs that may linger.

Bottom line: A quality bed bug mattress encasement is a good defense against these pests. However, it won’t completely solve your problem. Bed bugs also hide inside furniture and rugs. Only professional pest control services can rid your home of bed bugs for good. To schedule your appointment with Official Pest Prevention, (877) 711 2847.


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