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Homeowners all throughout the country are starting their spring cleaning as the weather heats up. Simple actions like taking the patio furniture outside might help to alleviate the winter blues. While most spring-cleaning focuses on aesthetics, there are precautions that homeowners may take to avoid bug infestations and harm.

Now is an excellent time to do house inspections and make minor repairs, such as sealing cracks and fissures. In the long term, even the tiniest fissure might cause issues. These fractures may get wider over time if not repaired, providing the perfect access for house invaders such as ants.

Along with the arrival of spring comes the advent of stinging insects including yellowjackets, wasps, and hornets. The detection and prevention of these pests are critical.


Common Stringing Pests You Might Find This Spring

Yellowjackets – They’re frequently mistaken for bees. In contrast to honey bees, yellowjackets have yellow or white patterns on their bodies, are not coated in tan-brown thick hair on their bodies, do not transport pollen, and do not have the flattened hairy hind legs to carry it. Yellowjackets can potentially sting many times, posing a serious hazard to humans.

Bald-Faced Hornets – These hornets will swarm and establish nests that are hung above the ground, indicating that they are infested. Colonies will have between 400 and 700 workers, making them the most populous of their kind. They may be hostile, which puts humans who come too close to their nests in danger.

Honey Bees – The Western honey bee, which has been tamed for honey production and agricultural pollination, is the most well-known honey bee. 

While honey bees sting, they do not constitute a significant threat to people unless provoked. They can only sting once before their stinger is lost.


Prevention Tips

  • Seal any cracks or minor gaps in the house’s foundation.
  • Remove any dampness or standing water sources.
  • Tree branches and other vegetation should be pruned away from the home.
  • Wipe down countertops and empty garbage cans on a regular basis to keep kitchens tidy.
  • All food should be kept in airtight containers.
  • Pet food bowls should not be left out for lengthy periods of time.
  • Both indoors and out, keep garbage cans clean and well-sealed.
  • Any cracked or torn screens in windows and doors should be replaced.

We are a full-service pest control company. Whatever your pest problem, we have a solution. Our goal is to make your property pest-free. Guaranteed. If your home has been effect by a pest infestation, contact Official Pest Prevention today, and let us claim back your home! 


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