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With everything we have to put up with during the winters, you’d think we’d get a break from kitchen bugs. However, we do not. Kitchen ants are unyielding, and that doesn’t alter simply because it’s cold outdoors. In fact, certain ant species will infiltrate your home because it is chilly outdoors. Believe it or not, there is one advantage to your kitchen ants’ tenacity: they are predictable. Ants that trouble you during the winter behave just like ants that bother you at other times of the year. They both desire the same things for the majority of the same reasons. More significantly, you can rid them in the same manner. Everything you need to know to reclaim your kitchen this winter is right here.

Pavement Ants 

The pavement ant is one of the most frequent ants found in California houses throughout the winter. These little, reddish-brown or black ants prefer to nest in cracks or holes in the pavement. Throughout most cases, they congregate and become sedentary in the winter to stay warm. However, if they can locate a warm spot to nest, they can stay active all year. Pavement ants usually build their nests in wall cavities, under concrete slabs, behind pipes, and beneath baseboards. If you’ve seen a lot of ants in your kitchen this winter, they’re most likely breeding somewhere warm nearby. Pavement ants usually choose a nesting location by digging into the dirt until they discover a heat source. Pavement ants that remain active due to the placement of their nest require food, but they cannot tolerate frigid temperatures. These requirements and constraints essentially compel them to scavenge for what they require.

Ants in Your Home 

Ants require the same things as humans do: food, water, and housing. If you have active ants in your home at this time of year, they already have a place to live. Pavement ants like high-protein, oily diets such as meat, cheese, dry pet food, and peanut butter. They will infest food goods if given the chance. They’re also drawn to sweet and fatty meals, so keep an eye on the festive spread. Ants don’t require a lot of water.

A small quantity of moisture, such as that created by a plumbing leak or condensation, will suffice. Check for nearby leaks if you see ants in cupboards, near baseboards, or even in your basement. Drafts near windows and doors may cause dampness, which ants can take advantage of. Ants do not normally breed throughout the winter, but if new ants can enter houses on a regular basis, they will. If ants continue to reside indoors in the spring, you may become unwell.

Why Ants are a Problem

To be honest, pavement ants aren’t a huge pest issue. They aren’t hazardous, don’t spread illnesses, and can’t even sting or bite. However, just because they can’t injure you doesn’t guarantee you’ll be happy to see them. Even if it does not carry illnesses, ant excrement may readily contaminate stored food. It’s a pain to throw out ant-infested food, and it may get pricey! Then there’s the psychological toll to consider. Winter is already dismal. You don’t want to have to worry about coming across an ant swarm every time you walk into your kitchen.

How you can stop Ants

To begin, attempt to figure out where the ants are coming from. The majority of pavement ants enter your property through small cracks and crevices in corners, near utility lines, or around windows and doors.  Caulk any access points you discover. Next, search for plumbing leaks and other moisture sources. Ants require water to exist, therefore if you deny them of it, they will seek it elsewhere. Last but not least, and maybe most obviously, keep your kitchen and eating surfaces clean. Vacuum the floor beneath your dining table on a regular basis. After each meal, wipe clean the counters and dining surfaces. Don’t leave food on the countertops or dishes piling up in the sink. Food in your pantry should be stored in sealed hard plastic containers. Garbage should be disposed of as soon as possible. Foraging is why pavement ants leave their nests and invade your home in the first place. They won’t disturb you if there’s nothing to scavenge for.

We’re more than delighted to assist you in pulling off that victory. Allow Official Pest Prevention to assist you in getting rid of any unwanted pests in your house.


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